Roundtable: Investing For Cashflow

We all know the real estate market is changing.  Whether you can predict what the outcome will be or not, the future is in front of us and change is inevitable.

For real estate, the market is about cycles.  This time we have rapidly rising rates, like never seen before.  Much of that may be due to the fact that the Federal Reserve waited too long to take action.  The fear of the pandemic lingered and rates stayed low as the market fire increased in intensity.  The flow of money and low rates did ignite the selling price of real estate and now the inferno is running out of oxygen.

The end of low rates is certainly here, and CAP rates appear to be increasing.  What does this mean to the real estate investing market?  Find out in our video below.

With appreciation no longer being a major focus, we revert back to investing for good old-fashioned reasons.

Enjoy the video and, as always, please let me know your throughts and if there are any subjects you would like to hear more about drop those to me in an email or a quick message.

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