We regularly receive these common questions. We are glad to discuss your specific question as well. Please contact us or set up a phone call from the contact us page.

Do you invest your own money in the deals?

Yes!  We carefully analyze deals that meet our investment criteria and only offer deals where we too are investing our own capital.

How often are distributions made?

Typically, distribution checks are paid quarterly.

What will be the communication after the acquisition

There will be a monthly newsletter with an update on capital projects, progress toward the business plan, and market news. Quarterly, you will receive a profit and loss (P&L) statement along with a distribution check.

What if I decide I need my capital back?

Real Estate syndications are a long-term investment and you should only invest money that you know can stay invested for several years (typically 3-8 years - every deal is different). If circumstances dictate you need to withdraw your capital, it may be possible to sell your ownership to another investor in the syndication. Please refer to the specific deal package for details.

What if there is a correction in the real estate market?

We believe it is wise, conservative investing to assume a correction is coming at some point in the future and capital preservation is key. We look for three key deal criteria that reduce risk. First, we focus on multi-family in areas with a growing population which means a likely strong pipeline of tenants. Second, we look for cash-flowing properties that can be repositioned to create value so that we are not reliant on market appreciation only and actually plan for prices to decline in our conservative underwriting. Third, we like long term financing so that we can exit at a time that is good for the business and reduce the risk of interest rate movements.

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