How To Beat the 4% Rule

Hello, real estate investors! Today, we're asking the question, how to beat the 4% rule and retire early.

What is the 4% rule? It's a rule of thumb, often cited by many financial advisors. And what it says is that you can withdraw 4% of your wall street portfolio each year in retirement, without incurring a substantial risk of running out of money. Said another way, you need to save 25 times as much as you will need annually in retirement to be financially secure in your retirement. But what can we do? Just keep working harder, saving more and hoping for the best? That's a game that never ends.


4 percent or 25x graphic

I like what Warren Buffet had to say, which is that you need to find a way to make money in your sleep or you'll work until you die!

So I'm using apartment investing to help create income outside of wall street. That creates financial security for me and those investors in my investor group. If you're interested in learning more about the insider secrets to real estate investing to live life on your own terms, go grab my free at


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