What is Mailbox Money and how do I get some?

Hello, real estate investors! If you're like me, I once thought that the way to be financially secure in retirement was to work really hard and save, save, save, and save some more, use 401ks IRAs for tax advantages and continue to build a Wall Street portfolio that I hope to someday live off of. However, I have uncovered a much better investment plan to diversify part of my wall street portfolio. It's got far less volatility. It's got a consistent income stream, actual money sent into your account, not just paper gains that you see on a statement in the stock market. And it takes just a little bit more time than buying a mutual fund. It's not a get-rich-quick approach, and it's a methodical, reliable approach to investing in real assets, not paper-based assets. The investment I'm using to create this financial security is apartments. Apartments that generate passive income. Passive being the key component.

So unlike buying a three-family property that you manage yourself, a passive approach to real estate investing means no tenant phone calls, no renting, no maintenance, no bills to pay just money delivered to your door as your asset creates that money. I like to call it mailbox money.

If mailbox money sounds too good to be true, it's probably because you haven't heard of real estate syndications. Real estate syndications have just been made more widely available due to changing SEC laws in the last few years. The way real estate syndication works is that a group of investors pull their money together to purchase larger real estate opportunities, such as apartment buildings. And, it's far easier to do than purchasing real estate on your own.

The key that makes it work is that there's an experienced general partnership team that runs the deal. They'll find it. They will build the business plan, sign for the loans, manage the property and send you the checks. The mailbox money! Of course, they don't do this for free. They're your partners in the deal. And they'll share in the profits with you. You bring the funding and they deliver the results. If you want to learn more about real estate syndications and the insider secrets to real estate investing, I encourage you to download my new ebook, the secrets to real estate investing to live life on your own terms at SpireInvestmentProperties.com/secret

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