The One Secret Ingredient That Can Free You from Being Stuck in Your Job (It’s Not What You Think)

If you are like me, you have had a successful career, maybe climbed a corporate ladder or two and yet you still feel stuck in your job. It seems that the higher up we go, the more pressure we feel and the more work life overlaps and interferes with our real life. You probably feel obligated to do your best for the people you work with, for your company and for your family. And you do your best (or at least you think you do – right?). That’s what I thought too. 

The Grind

Last year, according to job satisfaction rose to a two decade high of 54% in the US.  Wow! That means about half of us are happy at work, but what about the rest of us?


For me, sure, I felt satisfaction at work sometimes. Usually when I accomplished something great – drove a big project to success, received praise from my boss or company leaders, or even got praise, encouragement or a thank you from my team.  Those are the great parts that made me enjoy what I was doing and part of what drove me to continued success. Then, there were all the things that dragged me down:

  • Rapid changes in company direction
  • Throwing away work I put lots of extra effort into (often on the weekend)
  • Having new tasks and goals “dropped” on me, often with impossible deadlines
  • Bonuses disappearing due to things completely outside my control

I would think to myself… When does this end? I used to think that when I “made it”, then it would be easier. I would have more control and do things “the right way”. Eventually I learned, there is always someone or something to answer to. Sometimes it is a boss, sometimes a customer, a market, or even a pandemic!

The Secret

So, what’s the answer?  Keep working until we have enough money to retire and just grind it out? That’s what I thought. Then I found a way where I can go to work, enjoy all the great parts of my job, be successful and take back control.  The secret – “Passive Income through real estate”. Passive income is when you collect money every month from an investment, not from working at a job. Passive being a key part – you don’t have to work at this investment the way you would if you went out and bought a house and became a landlord. No phone calls from tenants, no renting, no maintenance issues to deal with – just “mailbox money” every month.

How to be happier

But Michael, how does passive income make you happier in your job?  When you have the financial security of money coming in every month, an amazing change in perspective happens at work.  When faced with a new impossible deadline, working the weekend in between soccer games or over the family vacation – Now you have a choice! Can you push back on that deadline? Can you assign the work to someone else? Can you use your intelligence to come up with a better way that still achieves most of the goal but with far less effort?  All of these things are very real possibilities when you aren’t handcuffed to making sure you keep that job and achieve your bonus and get the raise you are chasing.

The amazing part about this transformation for me was that even though I was making choices I previously thought would be bad for my career – my performance at work actually got better!  Now, instead of buckling down and getting it done no matter what was asked, I am:

  • Getting more people involved
  • Giving people learning opportunities
  • Finding better ways to accomplish goals

And, I have much more of my time focused on the parts of my job I really love and am really good at. Doing these things that I love makes me happier.


And more productive!

A study from the University of Warwick, found that happiness results in a 12 percent spike in employee productivity. The study also found that unhappy workers were 10 percent less productive than the average. In a nutshell, happy employees are more likely to exceed expectations, achieve goals, and perform at higher rates than unhappy employees are. This has come true for me personally and it can be for you too!

The secret to the journey for me to discover this passive real estate income approach has taken me many years. I have rented vacation homes, opened my own storefronts, bought and managed 20 apartments, been a real estate agent, and worked for publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts with $30 Billion in assets.  I took the long winding road. I often say if I knew 15 years ago what I know now I would have been much happier and more successful than I ever thought possible. I am on a mission to share my knowledge and experiences with people that are busy at work, feeling stuck in their job, and craving financial security that allows them to take control back of their daily life.

Is it time to start your journey to happiness?

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