What Is An Apartment Syndication?

Today, we are answering the question: "What really is an apartment syndication?" Click the video below to learn!


Investment Opportunity - Open NOW!
Would you like to partner with me to buy 34 Units just outside of Knoxville, TN with potential average annual returns of 16.7%? Three garden-style apartment buildings built in 1981 and a 4th built in 1996. The units are well equipped with 2 bedrooms and 2 or 2.5 baths, laundry hookups, and air conditioning. The property features an on-site pool and room to expand amenities. This property has a long history of being 95% plus occupied with no marketing. There is a lack of good quality housing in this area and rents are considerably under market, providing an opportunity to increase NOI. Major capital items are in very good condition and light renovations create an opportunity to add value and push rents higher. We have excellent loan terms with seller financing including 8 year fixed rate and 12 months interest only.
$50K minimum investment.
506c - Offering (Accredited Investors)

Details are available to the Spire Real Estate Investor Group. No, cost or obligation to join. Click below and we will provide you the investor offering deck with the details for your consideration.

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